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Moving Tips

Moving is stressful and time consuming, so we’d like to offer you some tips we like to share with anyone who is moving, to help you make your move run smoothly and less hectic.

Label Your Boxes

It’s important to label boxes not only with sharpie, but with tape as well. Designate a color to each room, so let’s say you picked pink for the bedroom. Take pink duct tape and put a piece in the corner of the box, but not on the top of the box. You want to place the tap on the sides so you can always see which room it goes in. To be sure it goes to the right room, write kitchen on the tape and on a piece of paper, create a key so you know which boxes go where. We also suggest that you number your boxes, this way you know exactly how many boxes you have for each room and if you are missing any.

Set Up the Necessities

Before you move into your new digs, set up your cable, electric and water. You don’t want to move in and realize you have no water or lights. We suggest you do this at least a week or two in advanced so you aren’t scrambling to find the best price.

Reroute Your Mail

This is another task you should tackle at least 2 weeks before you move, so the new home owners aren’t receiving your bills. Make sure you let the Post office know of your move so you can make sure your bills, subscriptions and holiday cards are getting to the right address.

Send Out an Announcement

Make sure you let your loved ones know you are moving, sending out a nice announcement with your new address, is easily the best way to do this!

Involve Your Kids

Moving isn’t only hard on you, it’s hard on your kids too. Help them feel like they are involved with the move by having them help pack up their room. Have them pack all their toys minus their favorite toy so they can sleep with them the first night in their new home. Give them the opportunity to decorate their new room as well; let them pick the paint color and design some new art for the walls. Not only does it help them adjust, but it keeps them busy while you pack the rest of your home!

Packing Materials

If you are trying to save money on packing material, then try packing your plates and glasses with (clean) socks and (clean) shirts. Not only do you save on packing material, but you also pack two rooms at once!

Give Your Contact to the New Owners

Whether you cross paths with the new homeowners or not, give them your contact number, in case you leave something behind or some mail gets sent there.

Keep Important Documents with You

Whether it be valuables or paperwork, we recommend you keep these belongings in the car with you. You don’t need the paperwork you need for your kids to go to their new school getting lost in the move. Create a folder and keep it in the glove box of your car.

You Get What You Pay For

Sometimes, the cheapest price isn’t always the way to go. While it may cost you a little more than you expected, it may be wiser to pay more for a better service than pay less and have some of your belongings lost during your move. Shop around for quality movers, they may not be the cheapest, but at least all of your belongings will arrive to your new home.


Keep an open line of communication with the movers. No matter how annoying it may seem, contact them until you get your belongings.

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