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Local Moves

Moving within the City of Philadelphia? Cross Country moving has the ability to move you two doors down or two towns over with precision and accuracy so you can move stress free! Have a busy schedule and don’t have much time to pack? Our team of packers can wrap any item with care and precision to ensure they arrive to your new home undamaged and protected from anything they may encounter on their trip over.

Long Distance Moves

Cross Country is in our name, so you know we take moving cross country very seriously! Whether you are moving just over the boarder or across the country, we can accommodate your move just as we would a local move. Our team of experts can help you get your things packed, loaded and moved over state lines with ease. While it is a little more difficult than a local move, our movers and packers, can ensure that your belongings get to your new location exactly how you left them!

Commercial Moves

Moving an office takes a lot of manpower, but we can assure you, we have the crew to do it! Whether you are relocating a business or office space, we offer extended hours on Monday through Friday and Saturday hours; so, your move doesn’t interfere with work!

Special Moving Services

While we treat every move the same, these moves are treated with a little more care; These moves include items such as artwork or antiques and we understand the potential value, both emotional and physical of the items. Packing these items properly, is very pertinent to moving these items, which is why we have highly skilled packers to properly and carefully wrap your valuables so they are prepared for any type of move.

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